AOA+ Leadership Society

AOA+ Leadership Society

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The AOA+ Leadership Society
is a program for students to participate in during Optometry's Meeting to build their leadership skills, advance their careers through networking, personal and professional development, and specialized education outside of the classroom.

Requirements of AOA+ Leadership Society 2019

Student CE Monitors

You can still be eligible to participate in the 2019 AOA+ Leadership Society! Attend all required events as your CE Monitor schedule allows. If you are working during a required program, please email Stacey Struckhoff at by July 1 with the hours you were working that concided with a Leadership Society requirement. 

Program Completion Incentives

Complete this form to apply for membership in the 2019 AOA+ Leadership Society. Membership is contingent upon verified completion of AOA+ Leadership Society requirements. Students who have met all requirements for membership will be notified via email in July 2019.