Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunity Description Access fee Availability
Hotel door hangers Have your message be the first thing attendees see when entering their hotel room! Your message will hang on the doorknobs of guests’ rooms. $5,000 Limit 4 (2 per peak night)
Hotel room drops Leave a treat at attendees' doors for when they return to their hotel room. $5,000 Available: 3
Sold: 1
(2 per peak night)
Do-not-disturb signs Invite attendees to sleep soundly with do-not-disturb signs. Your message will hang on the doorknobs of guests’ rooms. $5,000 Limit 1
Mirror cling in room Highlight your message on attendees’ bathroom mirrors or TV screens to make sure it’s seen. Don’t miss this opportunity to further your campaign! Peak nights are Thursday and Friday. $5,000 SOLD OUT

Opportunities in the Exhibit Hall

Opportunity Description Access fee Availability
10x10 rest stop Give attendees the opportunity to take a break from walking the vast Exhibit Hall and relax in comfortable seating. Showcase your company on a 10-foot signage tower that will accompany the seating. $10,000 Available-6
20x20 charging lounge Provide a space filled for attendees to relax and charge their devices in between visiting exhibitors. Space will be filled with various seating and signage opportunities. $25,000 SOLD OUT

Promotional opportunities throughout McCormick Place

Go the extra mile and treat attendees with some refreshments in between ongoing events such as House of Delegates, symposiums and continuing education (CE)!

Refreshment stations will include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Water

One hour: $25,000
One hour and 30 minutes: $30,000,
Half day: $50,000

Exhibit Hall opening reception

  • Thursday, June 16, 2022 4-6 p.m.
  • Elevate the opening of the Exhibit Hall and welcome attendees into the hall and lead them to your booth with Chicago-themed signature drink!
  • Brand logo recognition on all marketing to promote event and branded materials at reception. 

Sponsorship: $15,000

Signage opportunities

There are several signage opportunities offered at McCormick Place, Hyatt Regency McCormick and the Marriott Marquis Chicago. With this opportunity, your sign will be displayed to approximately 6,000 attendees during Optometry’s Meeting. Pricing is based on type and size of sign. All featured locations are in high-trafficked areas.


Chicago River Boat Architecture tourChicago River Boat Architecture Tour-SOLD

  • Guided tour on an open-air vessel.
  • Cruise down the Chicago River—take in the architecture of buildings that line the river.
  • Up to 175 guests.
  • Ten minutes speaking time prior to cruise start time.
  • Two hours with all attendees.

Sponsorship: $30,000

The Second City improv workshop

A unique experience will give attendees background on improv followed by games and exercises conducted on the main stage.

Second City

  • Experience with 100 guests.
  • Ten-minute speaking time from the main stage prior to the keynote improv lecture beginning.
  • Opportunity to be a part of the improv session.

Sponsorship: $30,000

AOA+ Leadership Links events

Leadership Link is a year-round networking program that encourages students to grow their communication skills while meeting with the profession’s leaders.  Leadership Link is being offered in-person at various professional meetings throughout the year.

Nine total Leadership Links events

  • Three during Optometry's Meeting.
    • Thursday, June 16.
    • Friday, June 17.
    • Saturday, June 18.
  • Two regional meetings—GWCO or SECO.
  • Two Western regional conferences.
  • Two state meetings.
  • Ten-minute speaking time.
  • Five seats reserved at networking tables.

Sponsorship: $7,500 per Leadership Link

AOA+ Pop-Ups

Pop-Up Sessions are not your typical education track but rather fast-paced, interactive and hands-on, designed to keep the attention of the audience through dynamic topics and speakers. AOA+ Pop-Up Sessions are held at Optometry’s Meeting on Friday and Saturday of the meeting. Each Pop-Up Session is only 40 minutes and presented three times allowing participants to rotate through different sessions in a block of time.

AOA+ Pop-Ups at Optometry's Meeting

  • Thursday Pop-Ups
    • Practice Management tracks

  • Friday morning Pop-Ups
    • Paraoptometric/DEI
    • DEI Panel
    • CLCS
    • TBD (advocating for the profession)

  • Saturday A.M. Pop-Ups
    • Peds Pop-Up
    • Sports Vision

Lunch symposia

The symposiums are great direct opportunities to message doctors andallow supporters to highlight the latest developments in products and/orservices.

These sessions are promotional and not for continuing education hours.The symposium will offer a lunch, respectively, to optometrists andoptometric staff. Students will be allowed to attend on a space-availablebasis, if applicable. Attendees are directed to register for the symposiumsthrough the Optometry’s Meeting online registration system. Registeredattendees will receive a ticket for admittance.

Time: Noon-1 p.m. CT

Hot dog cart service

All-beef, mini hot dog with toppings to include:

  • Diced tomato.
  • Chopped white onion.
  • Sweet pickle relish.
  • Dill pickle spears.
  • Whole sport peppers.
  • Yellow mustard and celery salt.

Service for up to four hours.
(client to supply electrical)

Chicago-style pizza

Have a service attendant hand out individual slices of Chicago-style pizza to our attendees in the Exhibit Hall!

Choose between four flavors:

  1. Cheese
  2. Pepperoni
  3. Sausage
  4. Vegetable

Pizza boxes—possible logo branding opportunity.

Headshot lounge

Headshot loungeGive your customers publish quality photo headshots, perfect for social media accounts and resumes. Headshot Lounge is "brand immersion" at its best, each guest spends 15 minutes in the Lounge. The entire guest experience is scripted from entry into the booth, to sales lead collection. The promotion is customized and branded for you.

Sponsorship: $20,000

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Chalk Art Advertising

Chalk Art AdvertisingBlur the lines between experience-art and advertising. Want your message to standout against traditional print ads? Chalk Art may be the answer. Your chalk art advertisement takes form as an evolving curiosity interest. Attendees will stare in awe as your advertisement, or is it experience art, evolves from concept to a bold complete chalk art. Most installations take 10 hours to complete, so audiences watch in anticipation as the chalk art ad comes together.

Sponsorship: $19,500

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Walk this way! Pedometer contest—a healthy promotion

Walk this wayWe all walk miles at trade shows, but how far? Pedometer Contest combines healthy walking and contest fun. Daily and grand prizes are awarded to participants to walk the farthest.

Sponsorship: $25,000

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Photo Mosaic—an industry  community photo portrait & message

Photo MosaicCelebrate your brand, your message, association membership, association “community strong” and industry collective initiatives.

Photo Mosaic stitches together guest selfie event photos to create one large branded collage photo. You select the photo collage design and branding elements. Your event community works together capturing photos, which are merged together into a final collage that celebrates your event and your event guests.

Attendees will stop and watch in amazement as your mosaic takes form, one photo at a time.

Sponsorship: Digital Mosaic Wall (Basic Package + Digital 55” Monitor ) - $30,000

Sponsorship: Sticker Mosaic Wall (Basic Package + Branded Sticker Mosaic Wall (10’W) ) - $25,000

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Golf longball challenge

Golf longball challengeYour sponsors’ name and logo will span this popular guest experience. Amateurs and pros alike will relish testing their drives for distance and accuracy, swinging real clubs. The virtual screen is a photo of a real golf course. Guests take three drives, prizes are awarded for longest ball at the end of each day.

Sponsorship: $30,000

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Hand sanitizer ad kiosks

Hand sanitizer ad kiosksSponsor high visibility hand sanitizer advertising kiosks, placed in high-traffic locations. Each of the (12) hand sanitizer kiosks provides an advertising header (8.5”W X 12 H) and base plate ad (15” X 15”). Kiosks automated sensors, provides event guests with a touchless technology to sanitize hands and eliminate germs known to cause illness.

This promotion includes graphics production, installation and sanitary gel and refills. 

Sponsorship: $5,000 per unit

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For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amanda Gianino.

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