ePosters Virtual Event

Optometry’s Meeting® welcomes all to attend the ePosters Virtual Event, June 7-8, 2022, supported by Janssen. Accessible on AOA EyeLearn, the ePosters Virtual Event will include poster presentations in eight, 50-minute courses to provide greater visibility and participation than ever before for this scientific forum.

Featuring a record number of posters, the ePoster Virtual Event will be conducted on AOA EyeLearn, June 7-8, with the top-five posters selected to participate in a live, interactive education session during Optometry’s Meeting in Chicago on Saturday, June 18. A networking event will follow the in-person, Top 5 Posters course at Optometry’s Meeting. The newly reconfigured, virtual format for this year’s ePoster Session allows greater participation among individuals facing travel limitations and provides greater visibility of presenters’ work.

The ePoster Virtual Event creates a national forum for clinicians, students and faculty to communicate interesting cases and unique optometric research to colleagues. These sessions not only help our profession stay relevant with the latest research but also promote a collaborative environment for clinicians and academics to benefit patient care.

Consult the ePoster Virtual Event calendar below for the appropriate virtual room and log in to AOA EyeLearn to enroll for specific courses and times.

Thank you to our 2022 Industry Supporters